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College Address

Smt. Radha Bai D Gopala Rao PU College,
K.R. Nagar, HARIHAR – 577601
Davangere District , Karnataka State, India

Phone   : +91-8192-215177
Mobile  : +91-94481 15118

Email     : chairman_vidyadayini@rediffmail.com

It is really an opportunity carved out for the young and aspiring children at Smt Radha Bai D Gopal Rao PU College where its culture imbibes both PARA (spiritual) and APARA (worldly) VIDYA (knowledge).

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Harihar enjoys a temperate climate with tolerable extremities in the summer or winter.

June to September Monsoon Average Rainfall
October to February Winter Min. Temp (18 °C)
March to May Summer Max. Temp (36 °C)