Teaching Methodology

The Students are taught the subject in the theory classes by various subject experts. Knowledge without application is nothing. Students are encouraged to think on the application levels and there by making them EXPERTS, in the subjects.

Practical classes are held to give the students hands-on experience, thereby enhancing their application skills.

Students are also taken to field visits to various places related to the subject so that they are exposed to the present scenario, that would also help them to perform well in the exams.


Edurite Smart class

Aptly named 'Smart Class', this e-learning facility, incorporates 3D animated illustrations, designed for quick grasp of the subjects and assess the conception level through quiz type questions and scoring the performance. Every student can easily imagine what the topic is and can remember the concept well.


College Timings

7.30 AM to 4.30 PM Regular classes
5.30 PM to 7.00 PM Coaching classes for

Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

Individual attention is given to the students. The performance of the students is assessed through class tests, quizzes, monthly tests, mid term examination, preparatory examination and annual examination.

The progress of the student is informed to their parents and steps are taken to improve the performance of the students from time to time through counseling and guiding.