Founder and Chairman


Sri. D.G. Raghunath is a prolific visionary with a holistic view of education, comprehending professional skills and living skills. He upholds and emphasises on blending of Indian culture and spiritual values in the education that is imparted in the school.

In today's society where knowledge is most important resource Shri. Raghunath's conviction is that efficient utilisation of this resource can create comprehensive wealth for any nation. The knowledge has a special characteristic of societal development. He believes in the knowledge building and character moulding of the students, and that there are enough facilities within reach for the pursuit of knowledge, tradition and modernity. He strongly fosters development of self-confidence among students.

It is his tireless efforts in moulding the institution that has carved a niche for it among the most sought after educational institutes of the region. Since quality education in modern times is prohibitively expensive, many of the children from poor families are deprived of good schooling. Vidyadayini School, under this leader, caters to all class of society a holistic and quality education at an affordable cost.