Residential Facilities

The hostel dormitories are spacious, well-lit and well ventilated. Adequately furnished baths and toilets are provided. Hot water is supplied for bath. Each child is provided with single cot, study table, table lamp and a closet. Cleanliness and neatness is emphasized in the rooms, kitchen, dining hall, toilets and the premises. Utmost importance is given for cleanliness and orderliness of food at every stage from storage, preparation, cooking, catering to tail end processes.


For every ten children a resident teacher for taking care of academics, assignments, writing skills and areas of learning , and a caretaker for taking personal care are provided. The wardens take overall care of the health, food , sanitary and other requirements of their wards.

A day's activities are evenly distributed for study, exercises, games, reading, entertainment, prayer and the like.

The school playground and sports facilities are available for the wards to spend their leisure hours playing under the watchful and affectionate care of the physical trainers. Discipline at every movement and activity is emphasised.

Curricular and moral education and other routines apart, children get ample opportunities for working in teams, learning leadership and similar virtues by participating in birthday celebrations, annual festivals, excursions to places of historical, cultural and industrial importance.