Monitoring & Evaluation

Emphasis is given on good hand writing, practical and inquisitive approaches. Subject teachers regulate and monitor the student's class assignments and home work. Non-core subject teachers help the subject teacher to make the process effective.

Evaluation is given a lot of importance at Vidyadayini by making it objective as well as stringent. Performance of the students is evaluated both in scholastic and co-scholastic areas as per the guidelines of CBSE for CCE. In scholastic category students undergo monthly Class Tests, 3 Unit Tests, and 1 Mid-Term test before the Annual Examination. Grades are awarded in non-core subjects such as music, art, crafts, computer science and sports.


  • Monthly Tests
  • Unit Tests / Formative Assessment
  • Mid-Term Examination / Summative Assessment
  • Two Preparatory Examinations


  • Music
  • Arts & Craft
  • Computer Science
  • Sports

Internal assessment is based on the performance in projects, seminars and average of tests conducted in the class. This is considered for declaration of the grade and promotion to the next class.

Key Stages

The academic year is divided into 4 Key Stages and the performance of the students is reported to their parents / guardians at each stage shown below:

Key Stage I
June - July
Key Stage II
Aug - Sept
Key Stage III
Oct - Nov
Key Stage IV
Dec - Mar
Summer Holidays