Residential Facilities

Hostel in the school is an attraction to the children young or grown up alike. The dormitories are designed to be spacious and properly ventilated, adequately illuminated and are well furnished. The hostel ambiance is conducive to all round development of the child drawing best in them - body , mind and spirit.


Package System

The school offers an attractive scheme especially designed for the working parents tied up with vocational commitments, lacking enough time to give their personal attention towards the education and growth of their children. It is a semi-residential scheme, in the sense a home cum school for the children from dawn to dusk. The package covers tuition, food including breakfast, lunch and evening snacks, books and related stationery and most of all individual care of the children towards their studies.

Smart Class(E-Learning)


The Technological advancement has revolutionised the educational field by blending IT in routine learning. Vidyadayini has installed Edurite Smart Class that enables the learners to have an access to an endless learning scope through the package complying with CBSE / State / ICSE syllabus and also the Internet. This has reinforced the teaching strength of the teachers, learning opportunities for the students as well.

Coaching Classes for IIT-JEE and AIEEE

The aspiring students seek for opportunities in the competitive fields such as Engineering, Medicine, E - Commerce. The institute arranges coaching classes for the talented students to enable them to compete in the exams like IIT - JEE, AIEEE updates.

Continual Improvement

Efforts are always afoot to keep in pace with the growing needs and to update the facilities provided to the students. This is one of the cardinal causes of the rapid growth of the institution and an affectionate place it has earned in the hearts of the people in this region.