Special Features

Multifaceted Development

Students are encouraged to learn varieties of co-curricular activities such as conversation and communication, debating, quiz, games, drama, mime, singing, dance, music, drawing, 'Do it yourself' (modeling, display charts etc.), news reading, general knowledge and so on. They are provided with ample opportunities to participate in the inter house, intra-school, inter-school competitions conducted from time to time and exhibit their talents in Special Assemblies and Quiz Competitions conducted every week, National Festival Celebrations and the Annual Day Celebration as well as Arts and Science Exhibition.

Exposure to these activities helps the students not only to become academically adept but also socially skilled and they learn the all round human traits such as co-operation, leadership, creativity, self confidence and gives them global awareness of current affairs.


Discipline is a vital factor in shaping the complete personality of a student into a responsible citizen having respect for the nation. Care is taken to instill in the students respect for democratic values, national feelings and sense of obligations of good citizens.


'Travelling maketh the man perfect'. Students are encouraged to join the excursions held every year. The best of the places in the state are chosen which are known for their historical, educational, industrial, cultural, natural excellence.

Interaction with Parents / Guardians

Periodic feedback is given to the parents or guardians regarding the performance and progress of their wards. Meetings of teachers and parents are conducted from time to time for mutual exchange of ideas, views, suggestions and comments that help in improving the institution and its products.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

A back up power supply through UPS is provided for ensuring continuous power supply for the essential services of the school as well as hostel.

Security and Safety

Safety and security of the children, staff and work force, school and hostel properties is given adequate attention. Trained security personnel keep watch on all movements of people, materials and vehicles throughout the day and night. Visitors are allowed at fixed hours and are ensured to follow the set disciplinary guidelines while moving into the school and hostel premises.

Eco Friendly Environment

Children, staff and the workforce are taught to observe eco-friendly habit in the campus and of-course to extend the same discipline to their homes and their other transactions. A beautiful garden and a lush green mini forest maintained in the school premises are the sources of joy and peace to mind.


In order to facilitate the students staying in Harihar town and its neighboring villages/towns far away from the school, transportation facilities is made available.

Swimming Pool

Kids up to III standard enjoy this facility and try to learn swimming under the care and guidance of trained teacher.

Health Services

A qualified medical practitioner visits the institution regularly to render medical service and health checks for the school children as well as hostel residents. In case of necessity, children suffering from ill-health are taken to hospital through school vehicle.