Teaching Methodology

Exploratory method of teaching


The importance of sourcing of information, logical documentation and presentation as the essentials of a successful academics has been well understood. Students are given various projects to work in teams accessing every possible sources of information. Students learn to organise their ideas logically using the best available infrastructure and present their cases in the school exhibitions or during daily/weekly assembly. The faculty guide them from conceptual stage, through manifestation and presentation stages of the projects. Students have shown their creative skills and presentation talents resulting from these activities.

Science practical and class demonstrations

In spite of CBSE recommendation for Science Practical Experiments from standard IX onwards, the school has taken initiatives to introduce practical experiments from lower classes. These experiments are conducted in the laboratory.

Projects during vacations

Besides the aforesaid projects, students are often given project work during vacations. These projects will be related mostly to the topics they study. The Green Forest existing in the school campus provides opportunities for carrying out such projects.

Summer camps

The school conducts summer camps of about one week for the high school students before the commencement of summer holidays. Students are exposed to societal activities such as banking, post and telegraph, civil security, fire and safety, home and large scale industries, water treatment, health and hygiene, agriculture - horticulture - floriculture, etc. This greatly helps the students to comprehend the social system of which they will be the future responsible members.

Learn on your own

In order to develop inter-class harmony, exchange of ideas and cultivate a family feelings the School has divided itself into four houses namely Satya, Seva, Shanti and Shraddha. Co-curricular activities of each house is managed by the student representatives under the guidance of teachers. Periodic meetings of the houses are conducted to discuss and plan their activities which include various competitions such as essay writing, games, painting, quiz, drama, dance etc. Results of the competitions are declared periodically. The best performing house of the year is recognized and felicitated during Annual Day programme, in the following year.

Special emphasis is given at Vidyadayini to develop the communication skill in English among the children.